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I welcome guest bloggers from the fields of genealogy, personal or family history, archiving, as well as Nordic culture & languages.

If you are interested in guest blogging for this website, please read all the guidelines below, and then get in touch!


Website Demographics

Does this website have the audience you need?

The readers of this blog are equally male and female, ages 45-75, and descendants from either Swedish, Norwegian, or Danish ancestors. The reader is usually a hobby genealogist who is interested in learning more about his or her heritage. Many readers are small business owners within the fields of Personal History, and Genealogy. The average reader does not speak a Scandinavian language.


Guest Blogging Guidelines:

There are general guidelines for all guest blog posts. Please review and make sure you agree to all of this before submitting your post or your ideas!


Content & Value

I work very hard to provide my readers with valuable information and actionable steps to success. I have the same expectation for guest posts. Depending on your topic, what exactly constitutes “valuable” information may vary a bit, but your post should provide information in such a way that a reader would consider referencing the article at a later date. I am very open to blog posts that provide a unique viewpoint on a topic. Please submit evergreen content, i.e. content that can remain on the blog and be useful for the foreseeable future. If you would like to publicize and event or promotion, your content should not be a guest post, so please send an email to discuss your idea, and we’ll figure out the best way to help you.


Topics welcomes guest posts from many different fields, as long as they are relevant to the readers of this website.

Topics with a good chance of being published are:

  • Swedish Genealogy
  • Norwegian Genealogy
  • Danish Genealogy
  • Finnish Genealogy
  • Icelandic Genealogy
  • Organizing Genealogy
  • Archival Storage
  • Family Tree Displays
  • Nordic Language Guides
  • Nordic Culture Guides
  • Brick Wall Techniques
  • Historic / Heritage Travel to Scandinavia
  • GPS / Genealogy Best Practices / Standards


Type of Post

What type of post should you write? Only your imagination limits you, but here are a few examples of previous posts:

  • Tutorial / How-tos
  • Product Reviews
  • Opinion / Experiences
  • Overcoming Challenges / Brick Walls



All posts must be free of obvious grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Your post will be published in English, so try to submit in English. If you are a Scandinavian researcher, you may submit your article in Swedish, Danish, or Norwegian, and we can help translate it for you. Your post should be written in your own voice, so you can “write the way you speak” as long as the content is easy to understand. I don’t allow any vulgarities or cursing. Your blog post should be of high quality, and have a point (no rambling/ranting). I encourage the use of outlines, headings, and subheadings to make your articles easy to read. reserves the right to edit your content for minor errors, and provide comments, and/or clarifications, as well as an introduction in the final piece.



All blog posts must be original. This means that you have to write the post yourself, and not copy and paste from somewhere else. Your blog post cannot infringe on any copyrights. Guest blog posts must be previously unpublished online. Repurposing content is OK, but you cannot submit something that is a word-for-word copy of something that’s already out there. Once the post has been published on, we ask that you do not publish it somewhere else online.



Guest posts should be no less than 1200 words, and no longer than 3000 words. If you have a longer blog post, we can do a series instead.


Author Bio

Your guest post will include a brief biography of you, the author. You will need to submit a short statement about who you are, what your background is in relation to your subject, as well as information about your business (if applicable). You may include a link back to your company, and/or to your social media profiles. Please submit a high-quality headshot of yourself (and please make sure you own the copyright to it, or have a release). This website uses Gravatar accounts for author bios, so if you already have one set up, please provide that information along with your guest post.


Photos & Graphics

You are welcome to submit photos and graphics that you own for inclusion in your guest post. Please don’t submit a photo if you do not own the copyright. will chose a photo for you if you don’t submit one with your post. You will receive other marketing materials upon request.


How to Submit

If you already have a post ready to go, you can submit it directly with your related information. Your submission is not a guarantee that you will be published. reserves the right to refuse any blog post for any reason, especially if it includes blatant self-promotion, too many affiliate links, or inappropriate content.

You are also most welcome to submit ideas, and receive feedback before sitting down to write your draft.

Here’s what to submit:

  • Finished guest post, or ideas for a post
  • A brief biography
  • Your headshot file or link to file (jpeg or png files, good resolution)
  • Gravatar profile, if available
  • Business name, if applicable
  • Website link
  • Social media links
  • Promotion information / Content upgrade link and graphic, if applicable

Please email everything to Caroline (




Can I share my information via Google Drive, Dropbox, or Evernote?

Yes, please share it with Caroline (


Do you publish sponsored posts?

At this time, does not accept sponsored posts (paid guest posts to promote a specific products). If you are interested in having do a review of your product, please send an email to discuss.